Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Aroma of Baking...the Fragrance of Love

What a fragrance...the aroma of cookies baking. My house is redolent
with the scents of chocolate and lemon...Chocolate Layer Cookies
and Lemon Bars, with Cheesecake Dreams and Chocolate Walnut
Crumb Bars to come tomorrow.

I love baking. For me, it is totally an act of love...using longtime
family recipes, handed down from my mother and grandmother,
from my aunt's and long-ago neighbors...precious people who
populated my life through the years and whose presence I
feel each time I don my adoption and begin the prestidigitation,
the alchemy...which turns plain, ordinary ingredients into
melt-in-your-mouth treats, to be enjoyed by family and
friends throughout the holidays.

Several years ago, when I was putting family recipes into a book
for my eldest granddaughter, I came across a prayer, a blessing
for a cook/baker to breathe...before beginning the work,
during the ritual of washing hands. It occupies page one of my
own cookbook and has helped the act of baking/cooking to become
a holy act. May it bless your kitchen and all you do there; may it
be a blessing to you as it has become for me.

Father-Mother God,  sanctify the holy work of my kitchen
as I prepare the life force for those I love. May your vibrant
love pass through my hands and into this food as I prepare
to share your bountiful gifts. 

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