Thursday, May 9, 2013

In Kenya...

Yes, we're here, after 24 hours of travel time and nearly 40 hours without real sleep. Last night the bed at the Wildebeest was so welcoming and I slept until 9a.m. for the first time in years. No apparent jet lag...and a slow,pleasant day today, doing a few errands, catching up on email, reading, and talking with people here.

For those of you in Carolina who continually complain about our roads being under continual construction (and I am one of you), after riding down a main road near here and watching our driver doing potholes and serving into the non-existent shoulder the road countless times, I pledged never to complain about our roads again. The people here would think they were in heaven driving I-85...while we Carolinians mutter under our breaths and curse the NCDOT. All a matter of perspective, I guess, but we Americans have so much for which to be thankful- and too often aren't! 

Tomorrow we head to Rwanda to visit with friends and meet our newest grandmothers there. We will also visit the artists' studio and gallery begun by a pair of young artists we met two years ago. These brothers are amazing young men who are using art to reach the people of their community. (More about this later.) For now, I'm anticipating a good night's sleep and perhaps pleasant dreams. May you have the same. Lala Salama.


  1. Karibu Tena Rafiki, its great to have you back in Afrika. thanks for the love and appreciation. Enjoy your stay!