Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things...

It's hard to believe but I am back home again, after three weeks of travel, each day marked by something new and special and wonderful...perfect weather (needed the umbrella only once, for about an hour, in Amsterdam); memorable people; fantastic food; glorious places; and a storehouse of memories to sort through in the days and weeks and months to come.

When I inserted the memory card (lovely name, isn't it?) from the camera into my computer and began downloading photos, I discovered that I had 731 pictures. Of course, some I had already erased as redundant or woefully out-of-focus, and some I will erase as I go through them yet again, but right now I have 731 reminders of the adventures of the past three weeks...memory triggers all, to keep ever mindful the sounds and sights and smells and feel of the places we visited, of the people we met, of the celebration of life which was this journey.

While I promise I will not burden you, the reader, with all 731, today...this afternoon...Wednesday, May 29th...I am including just a few of my favorite photos, to give you some small notion of the paths I've walked, the experiences with which the past twenty-one days of my life have been filled. And no matter where I am, the adventure continues... 

In Rwanda

Artists, Innocent & Emmanuel- and me, of course
My Rwandan "grandson", Emmanuel

Friend, Simon, in Kigali
The "Mushroom" grandmothers
One of the Nyanyas

The Inema Arts Center, Kigali
At the Nyanya Preschool Center

The Mount Kenya welcoming committee

Glorious flowers everywhere
2-year-old Joel at the Wildebeest
Lioness at the Nairobi National Park
Yum! Dutch chocolates

An Amsterdam houseboat
Bicycles everywhere in Amsterdam

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