Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Last Dance...

Our last night in Kenya, in East Africa...and it has been an amazing trip, filled with unforgettable people who I will carry with me in mind and heart and spirit. For that is what travel is really all about for me...the encounters I have, the people who enter my journey and walk awhile with me...the faces, the smiles, the hugs, the incredible variety of the human family I have been privileged to meet and hold close, if only for a short time. 

The time in Rwanda was amazing...meeting the grandmothers; spending an afternoon with Emmanuel's family; connecting again with our friend, Simon; seeing the coming-to-life dream of artist brothers, Innocent and Emmanuel; being cared for so lovingly by the staff at Heaven Guesthouse; meeting and getting to know Kassim, our on-the-scene man with the Nyanya Project; visiting the new business of Florence, an intelligent and ambitious young woman, part of our Rwandan family. Every contact memorable...every connection meaningful, enriching my life in countless ways...making my life more and richer and fuller.

In Kenya, the golden thread of connection remained unbroken as we traveled to Mt. Kenya to see the grandmothers there; as we renewed friendship with Julius; as we visited the Nyanya Pre-school, meeting the children and seeing Elizabeth, the teacher, and the Kibera grandmothers again; as we spent time with our hosts at the Wildebeest and played with their two little boys; as we are dinner and talked each evening with an ever-changing cast of characters, as guests from many countries came and went, people of all ages, enriching our meals, our evenings, our lives.

Tomorrow we leave...and though it is to head toward another adventure in Amsterdam, I will be leaving a piece of my heart behind, forever connected to these people who have become so dear, who will continue to hold that golden thread to my life, my heart, my memory, no matter what life holds for any of us in the tomorrows to come.
                                     THESE ARE FACES OF AFRICA

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