Saturday, May 11, 2013


How do we ever really see life through the eyes of another person? especially when our life experiences are so very different. How can I begin to understand what it feels like to be a Rwandan or a Kenyan when I come from a culture which is so totally different? It's not that I don't try, but I find myself bringing my middle class American values with me; how can I not? But how do we find common ground between cultures, between societies, if we do not first make interpersonal connections, find personal common ground?

It is difficult for me to be perceived as "rich", when I have worked so long and hard to make this trip; hard to find hands perpetually outstretched for something, when I have nothing to give except my smile, my friendship, my compassion. And that does not put food on the table, does it? 

And so I, with the loving assistance of many friends, am helping one family, keeping one young man in school, sharing with them our friendship and love, knowing full well we cannot begin to comprehend the demands of their existence. We cannot do everything, but I deeply believe we can each do connect, heart-to-heart, life-to-life, in the hope that we human creatures will come to BELIEVE that we are ONE...sharing life on this one small planet, no matter our color or our status, our gender or our age, our nationality or ethnicity. day...just imagine...
Emmanuel and I in 2011


  1. Linda,

    I hope it is okay that I put some of this in my sermon for tomorrow. Of COURSE you preached a sermon here precisely aligned with the Revised Common Lectionary for Easter 7C! Surely, you've been doing exegetical work on the planes, right?!

    We'll lift you in prayer during worship, and we'll hear you tell your version of Jesus' prayer to the Father that we might all be ONE!

    Continued blessings and clarity to you on your precious journey,

  2. I copied this picture of you and Emmanuel to put on our poster depicting different characteristics of God's love during Children's Time. I asked if they recognized you, and little little Frankie said, "Well, yeah! From church!" I hope you felt all the love we lifted for you today!