Thursday, December 26, 2013

All Through the House...

Here it is, the night after Christmas, and all through the house
not a creature is stirring...except me, sitting here in front of the
fireplace, enjoying the lighted Christmas tree and the flickering
gas flames, and relishing the silence. All of the shopping for
food is completed...the house is clean from attic to basement...
everything in readiness for the influx of family which will begin
early Saturday afternoon and continue through the weekend.

I am looking forward to the hubbub which will surely ensue...
the cacophony which is sure to result from the mix of eight
children of varied ages, four young people, and eight grown-
ups (more or less, grown up, I mean). Our family- at least
portions of it- love playing games like Outburst and Attack Uno
when we get together, so Saturday evening is sure to be alive
with the shouts, the "ohs" and "ahs" and "oh, noes" which
invariably accompany this enjoyable annual activity. And with
the arrival of the Charlotte contingent on Sunday, the house will
resonate with the voices of the 8 young ones, ranging in age
from 5 to 17, along with my son and daughter-in-law. Gifts and and cookies...and, of course, the raiding of the
candy jar, filled always with Hershey's kisses which the grands
like to think they are sneaking (but which are always amply
provided by the grandmother of the house). It will be, I'm sure,
a wonderful family holiday celebration, alive with voices and
noise and lots of laughter.

But for right now, for this very minute, I am relishing the
peace and quiet...the "not a creature is stirring" silence of
my comfortable house. I'm considering making some hot
chocolate, though perhaps I will just head on up to bed, read
a bit, and then go to sleep early. And as I lay me down to
sleep, I'll be offering a prayer of thanksgiving for this family
of mine who are the center of my life...who bring so much love
and joy and meaning to my existence...and whom I cherish
beyond measure. My prayer is that you may also have someone/s
in your life who bring that kind of joy...the very best Christmas
gift of all.
Sister Kathy, brother-in-law Larry

Nephew Wren & girlfriend, Carolyn

Youngest son, Paul

The Charlotte grands

Son, Mark & daughter-in-law, Meredith

Eldest granddaughter, Lindsay

Daughter, Hope

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