Tuesday, December 10, 2013

WE ARE ONE...Fast for Immigrant Families

Even as we prepare to celebrate the coming of the Prince of Peace,
including the buying and the wrapping and the sending- there are
countless people- sisters and brothers- whose very lives are being
held in limbo because of the failure of our Congress to take any
action on immigration reform.

When will we Americans- those of us who have the blessing of being
born here (which we usually take for granted)- when will we realize
that our lives, as we know them, with their comforts and affordable
food and clean homes depend upon the hard work of people who are
willing to do work which WE ARE NOT...willing to put forth their very
best effort in the hope that they will be able to make life better for
their families...yet are recipients always of abuse and prejudice from
the very people who need their services, their hard-working hands
and backs and lives.

On Tuesday, Dec. 17th, in Greensboro, NC, there will be an all-day,
water-only fast in behalf of these brothers and sisters,  these
immigrant families, with the participants meeting together and
peacefully demonstrating in front of the Elm St. offices of the local Congressman, Howard Coble. Even if you cannot be there in person
(as I cannot...I'll be on the road, traveling home from Pennsylvania),
you can fast in unity with all those who need our support...those
who need our compassion...those who need justice. Now is the time
to realize...acknowledge...celebrate, that WE ARE ONE.

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