Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Writing about Writing...

I wrote the following words in my journal two years ago; they offer an explanation of why this blog exists. In my own words:

Writing is not arrogance; it is simply sharing my opinion, my experience; laying it out there for others to accept & resonate with or reject, as they will. No matter how scholarly a work, how well researched or footnoted, at rock bottom it is the thought and opinion of the writer...admittedly reached through process and consideration but his/her opinion nonetheless. And so, I must set aside my fear of rejection, my fear of being misunderstood and disagreed with, and JUST DO IT! It is not arrogance to put forth what I think/believe; no arm-twisting is involved but rather, an invitation is being issued...to be accepted or not by the other, by the reader. The path lies ahead...one foot in front of the other...walking is lovely but also difficult at times...it requires determination...it requires DOING IT! Breathe into me courage, strength, and wisdom, Creative Spirit. Let me dare & do...let me write with determination...and let someone hear. LET IT BE SO.

And so I'm sharing today some of the words I have written over the passing months, years, which speak from my heart to you, dear reader. Perhaps they will strike a chord, will resonate with your heart; perhaps you will turn away, unable or unwilling to walk my path with me for a little while. But whatever happens, whatever results, I lay my head and heart out there- and take the risk.
love, linda

rhyme or reason
While I so admire the way some poets
weave words and images together,
I admit I am also puzzled by them...
obviously they know where their words
are going but I cannot follow...
feel lost in a maze of imagery and
verbiage which seems labyrinthine
in its complexity.

I do not feel invited in, do not feel
included...the words so private,
so exclusive, that I am shut out-
though I am certain that is not
the poet's intent. Else, why write at all?

It is in the sharing, the connections,
that hope lies...the hope that my
reaching hand will touch yours,
that my tears will flow from your eyes,
that my heartbreak will break your heart
wide open, that my joy and laughter
will resonate from your mouth.

I write to express and connect...
with you and you and perhaps you, too.
There is no other rhyme or reason
       for it.

daylight savings time?
Isn’t it ironic that this idea, originally
conceived as a way of saving energy,
                                 of consuming less fuel,
is now being touted as a way to ramp up
the slumping economy, promoting retail
and gasoline sales?

And so we jump back on the same old
merry-go-round of BUY, SPEND, USE
so that- so the party line goes- stocks and
profits will go up. Of course, so will degradation
of the planet- but, oh well, what are a few
polar bears and emperor penguins?
They’re only animals, after all…not nearly
as important as we humans with our
perceived needs for comfort & convenience.

Human arrogance is truly frightening,
isn’t it? But I am part of the human family,
bear a share of the responsibility- so,
can I walk more softly in this world?
Leave a smaller carbon footprint?
Consume less?
Save more?
Waste less?
Live more responsibly and intentionally?
                                           Surely I can try. 

truth of a different color
What happens when one part
of the brain agrees with

something read or said
while another part cries out

in vehement denial? when
something rings both true

and false simultaneously?
when head nods in assent

while heart digs in its heels
as a thing feels less than

all right? And, if we're honest,
isn't much of life spent in

this schizophrenic place of
knowing and not knowing,

of certainty accompanied
closely by doubt, while truth

fades from stark black & white
to many shades of grey?

‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’- so goes the old adage. But isn’t it also a ‘gift’ to receive what is offered to us by another? To graciously open hands and heart when another person presents us with a part of his joy, a
part of her pain?

We talk so much about giving-
and it is indeed a blessed thing
to do- to give our gifts, our talents,
time, to help another…
         to a good cause…
         to share our  bounty                       
                and our selves.

But isn’t it also a gift,
I wonder, to be open
to receive- another’s
thoughts, another’s pain,
another’s truth,
another’s gift?
O    P    E    N
O        P        E        N
Open heart
open ears
open eyes
open mind
open life.
       Isn’t this also a precious gift
         we can give to another?
       Receiving what they have
                  to give?

 If we’ve ever been on the receiving end of an act of mercy that made
a difference in our lives, we have seen the face of God.
-Kathleen Norris

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