Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Morning

Ah! A cup of coffee
 steaming hot
fragrant with cinnamon
warmth seeping through

reaching out
Open, my eyes peer into darkness,
    the sun not yet risen
    on this sabbath morn.

Open, my heart dwells in darkness,
    beating out my life's seconds,

    even as it reaches out to
    welcome the light of compassion.

Open, my hands reach out
    to take the hands of those
    dwelling in my imagination,

    at a far distance, yet as near
    as my thoughts,my breath,
    my beating heart.

May your day be both blessed and beautiful, dear one, wherever you are. May it be filled with both strength and courage, both pathos and compassion. And, above all, may you know, truly know, that you are loved. love, linda 

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