Wednesday, October 5, 2011


That is sanctity: the wholeness of giving the gift of all your self.
Not waiting till that self is fine and moral and healthy and
balanced enough to expose. -Rowan Williams

stripping down…
Over the years,
I have ejected lots
of spiritual “baggage:
which no longer
served me well.

I am trying to
“travel light”…to
shed the constraints
of tenets, creeds,
beliefs which only
bind, which no
longer fit.
Is there some
blessedness, I
wonder, in walking

Why do we so often assume
that people of faith never experience
Why do we so often assume,
even in this modern age,
     that illness & misfortune are
     signs of lack of faith?
Why do we so often assume
that we know who has God's
     favor and who does not?
Why do we so often assume
that there are simple, straightforward
     answers to life' complex questions?
Why do we so often assume
that a great divide exists between
     what is sacred and what is secular?
Why do we so often assume
that we, we alone, know the
     mind and will of God for
I mean, isn't it dangerous
                 to ASS/U/ME?

Who are we humans,
that You are mindful of us? of me?
     A universe of stars, planets,
     unknowns exists out there, O God-
     but as mysterious as what exists
     in here, within me?
          a miniature cosmos with
          constellations of emotions and
          patterns of thought…
          shooting stars of pain and joy…
          each atom intricately intertwined
          with all others, as surely as we are
          connected with all other atoms
          everywhere and at all times,
               our cells bearing within the
               very energy of the stars-
          or so the quantum physicists,
          Your own alchemists, tell us.
How incredible!
How breathtaking!
How amazing!  Amen

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