Saturday, October 8, 2011

Morning Meanderings...

There is no such thing as a meaningless moment. -Joan Chittister

Time is nature's way of preventing everything from happening at once. -Anonymous graffiti

It is not your obligatio to complete your work, but you are not at liberty to quit it. -The Talmud

just wondering...
Wit and wonder-
are these the marks of being
truly human? Do other creatures
laugh? And do they question
why and how they came to be?
The light of the full moon
shines through my window
and I am filled with such a
yearning to walk its lighted path
to who knows where?
O Brother Squirrel, Sister Wren,
do you ever know such depth
of yearning? As you cavort
through branches high above me,
do you laugh at this earth-bound
creature? As you fly on your
daily round of feeders and feeding,
as you sing your preious song,
so you now delight?
Or are we two-legger earthings
the only ones possessed of
both the gift and the curse
of such awareness? And is
this what it means to be created
        in the image of God?

 a heart divided...
I am of two minds, it seems,
or is it just my heart divided,
parsed into pieces,
pulled to places far and wide...
for here I sit in my blue room,
a place of cheer and comfort,
a place secure where I can
spend long hours far from
traffic noise and people noise
(though barking dogs too often
add their noisy punctuation
to my day), surrounded by
small things I love and photos
of those I hold both near and dear...
while not so many blocks away,
those I do not know come to be fed,
come to be sheltered, come to
find the safety which their lives
do not provide...
while far away across the gobe,
those countless ones, know and
unknown to me, long to be fed,
long to be sheltered, long to
find the safety which their lives
cannot provide...
So, where do I put my deepest concern?
Where place the pieces of my
broke-open heart?
     And how do I fit it all
     back together again?

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