Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Leaving Footprints...

In my early morning reading, I encountered these words from Mark Nepo: With our hands full of groceries, our heads full of things to do, our hearts full of memories, and our dreams full of plans, we tend to think that if we could only get away or finish crossing off the things on that list, if we could only undo what has been done or do what needs to be done, we might then live more completely, more perfectly. But we are human beings, flawed colorful beings that eat plans and memories for food.

Set me thinking, as these morning readings usually do, and the result is my question for today: how do I live fully? How do I live as a responsible, caring human being? How do I make an impact on the world I inhabit- not in the sense of fortune or fame but in the sense of touching other lives, though touching them lightly? Or is the task simply to BE, without much concern for legacy, for impact? In fact, to leave as light a footprint as possible...

For in the truly sacred moments of life, there is a sense of oneness with the Force, the Source I call God. And yet, in that oneness, in that unity and surrender, I do not lose myself...I am still I, a lovely, flawed, rare, imperfect human being, a cradle for the Divine which lovingly inhabits me so that I can lovingly share and express holiness in those moments when I permit it to shine through. May I shine that light for you today, dear one, and may you in turn pass it on to another and another, as together we light the world around us with our shared, interconnected love.

May your day be filled with beauty...may you find all of the courage, strength, and wisdom you need to live it fully...and above all, may you know that you are loved. love, linda

There is one world only,
the one to which we give ourselves
utterly, and to which one day
we are blessed to return.
-David Whyte

a  psalm  of confusion
Thoughts tumble over
one another…an almost
overwhelming cacophony
of voices from the soul’s
depth, crying out to
     be heard.
And over- or under- them all
is the quiet voice of despair
which whispers, ‘Not enough time…
     not enough time.’
The mature adult part of
my self knows that all learning,
all wisdom does not have to be,
cannot be accomplished in
      this lifetime.
But the child in me wants it
ALL- here…now!
O Spirit, help me not to let
the time I have slip through
my fingers. Let me make
it count in some way. Permit
me to leave an imprint of
my life for those who follow,
a sign that I have walked
       this way.
Grant me a glimpse, if you
will, of immortality. Let my
life make a difference…
an impact…an impression.
Open me to the holy paradox
of living life fully and letting go.
And bless me and every beloved one
with your presence & peace this day.
        Let it be so.                                                           

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