Friday, December 5, 2014

Early-Morning Musings...

taking time
A breath, deep and long
Another, then one more
as muscles and relax
letting go of all they have
          been holding
Anxiety and must-do lists
Rushing and stressing and
   tying myself in knots
   over the ways in which
   I am not doing all I could
   to help those in need
   to work for peace
   to advocate for justice
   to love...accept...include
A breath, deeper still
Another, then one more
as time's demands fall away
creating space for-
           blessed emptiness
creating space for-
           the Spirit of Hope
           to enter in and
           dwell awhile...
the breath of life renewed.

living dreams...
God entered my dreams last night-
not a voice or even a presence
but the feeling of arms-stretched-wide love
expanding, including, welcoming

It took my breath away
even as my eyes and heart opened wide
as I tried to encompass and apprehend
and embody it all- this Love
that surpasses understanding.

And in my dream, I could-
so why is it so difficult when I am awake?
To love the unlovable- when I am surely
often one of those myself. To welcome the sick at heart-
in whose faces I can recognize my own if I look
deeply enough. To reach out and touch and embrace
those with dirty faces and broken hearts and skin
of varying hues- whose embraces I surely, truly need.

And so, today, God of Gods, Light of Light,
I am listening for your voice,
watching for your presence in each encounter,
knowing it is there... bearing with me the certainty
that each place I stand is Holy Ground because
You are fully, truly present in, with, under, around
every beloved one I meet...
making of my life a living dream.

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