Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Simply Sumptuous Sunday

After chilly days and bone-chilling nights, spring is returning to Carolina once again. In fact, I ate a late lunch on my backyard deck today, immersed in and reveling in the sunshine, the birdsong, and the delicate chorus of windchimes. The patterns made by the tree branches swaying in the breeze was almost hypnotic and I found myself soothed by their leafy rustle. How totally amazing just to sit and let myself be bathed in the healing balm of the natural world. As much as I love people- and I do, my friends, I do- there are just moments when the lack of people, of voices, of words, feeds my spirit in the way it most needs.

And now I've moved to the front screened porch, serenaded by yet other windchimes and by the enticing, enchanting whisper of the breeze which murmurs continuously this afternoon, speaking of love and hope and promise...speaking of the wonder and goodness of life...offering the gift of another holy day to this often-weary pilgrim.
Oh, and doesn't my lunch look lovely? A springtime repast of a ham  (left over from Easter) and asparagus frittata, accompanied by tomato wedges and apple slices. Who could possibly ask for anything more? On this sumptuous Sunday, my heart is filled to overflowing with gratitude.

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