Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Morning Offerings...

i give lie to loneliness...
i give lie to loneliness
for there is a longing still
for a heart's companion
to hold my tender heart
with compassionate love
as gently as cradling a robin's egg
to cherish both my
beautiful and ugly selves
to have and hold my
aging, aching body at the end
of a long, difficult day
to bear a share of life's
burdensome sorrows
and when i deny this
ephemeral yet deeply real dream
i give lie to loneliness...

inner healing...
i confess i shy away from those
i perceive as too needy...those who seem
to flatter and adore only to reach out

grasping claws to snatch and tear my
flesh seeking answers i cannot give,
do not have, in their vain attempt to

escape seeking answers deep within
themselves- which would mean rending
their own flesh, permitting their own hearts

to break open so healing could happen
from within.


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    1. These are undeniably two of my favorites. Beautifully written. And I can resonnate with both. I know that same loneliness. And I often lie about it.