Monday, April 30, 2012

Healing Hands... does one stand up
for what she believes while
at the same time keep from
sliding into
an us-them mentality?

How live as a person of
principle while still holding
those of different mind and heart
with compassion?

How speak from a place of
deep inner truth and conviction
without demeaning or denigrating
those whose truth is different?
How live as a person of
faith in the indwelling God in
every person while still recognizing
and acknowledging differences?

How do I- one small individual
in this little corner of the world-
affirm and celebrate my connctedness-
and heal my disconnectedness- with
the rest of humanity?

And can I- should I- be content
to leave the healing of the world's hurts
in the hands of God? or are those hands
quite simply my hands?

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