Monday, August 29, 2011

This and That...

The storm has passed, though its effects will be felt in many places for many days. New York City skated by with far less damage than feared, while Vermont braces for record-breaking flooding. And so it goes...all the while we humans try to predict and spell out and understand, making plans and prognostications, Nature behaves in unproscribed ways, surprising us again and again, reminding us that we are simply human- with all that means, to be sure- but human nevertheless. and some things are simply beyond our ken and control.

And so, this morning, I send out my love and care and concern to those who have been in Irene's oxymoronic path...even as I hold close those who grieve, those who are alone, those who don't know or appreciate their own value and uniqueness, those for whom death approaches. May this be a holy day for each one of them and you as you seek to walk the path before you. May you celebrate the gift of your humanity, your creation as a child of God. Blessings, dear ones.

This moment...THIS moment is
what I have, as air fills my
lungs, as my heartbeat sends
life-sustaining blood coursing
through my veins, as enzymes
and hormones cause my body
to function in ways both
natural and mysterious...

This moment...this very moment
I am alive, aware of my humanity-
      faults & failings,
      gifts & graces,
      joys & sorrows,
      cowardice & courage,
      strength & weakness...

This moment...this very moment
I revel in my awareness of
the Divine in, with, and around me
and in exultant humility,
I give thanks
                for this moment.

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