Monday, August 22, 2011

A re-made heart...a re-shaped life...the results of my summer trip to
East Africa, though I do not yet know what the final shape will be. Once again, I am struggling with perhaps, just for today, I will stop struggling and simply rest in the arms of Holy Divinity, certain that S/He will whisper instructions in my ear, when I am open and ready to hear.

Only hope can give us the courage to face the future and to stand
deeply in the present without running from it.
-Matthew Fox
psalm of the breaking-open heart
What is causing my heart
to break wide open?
     The pain I see & hear
           around me…
     the need & struggle &
           frustration of so many…
     scenes of war, famine, & flood...
           dying children, grieving parents,
                 dying species…
            rampant disregard for
                  the life of Planet Earth.

So, to what are you calling me,
     Divine Spirit? What am I to do?
I cannot do everything,
     but I can do one thing!
          Do not let my fears immobilize me-
                                fear of failure
                                fear of the opinions of others
                                fear that my little bit will
                                      mean nothing in the grand
                                      scheme of things
You have looked into my heart…
     you know me more fully
        than I know myself.
Grant me the wisdom
                the insight
                the honesty
      to answer your call
      to go deep…and to emerge breathless,
              dripping in the waters
                            of rebirth
                            of truth
                                  of holiness & wholeness,
                                     alive with purpose…
                                     enlivened with direction…

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