Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Windy Wednesday

The sun is shining brightly today here in Carolina, which is lovely... yesterday there was more rain and today, there is lots of wind...and my taupe Civic is yellow...and I'm sneezing a lot, with a perpetually runny nose...POLLEN!!!

Can't tell you how incrediby beautiful the dogwoods are this year...everywhere i look i see bloomng clouds of white with an occasional touch of pink. And more azaleas are bursting forth every day. It's odd...each season i think the world around me couldn't be more beautiful...and then the seasons change and i am swept off my feet by the present one. This year, spring is especially lovely, methinks, and i am loving it! i saw some irises yesterday...can the peonies be far behind? Sadly, my lovely little violets are almost gone, but they lasted a long time and created a beautiful carpet in my back and side yard.
Cleaned my room first thing this was unbelievably dusty, with bunnies hiding everywhere! Now it's clean and lovely- for a day or so, at least. And next week is Holy Week! Can you believe it? How did it get to be mid-April so quickly? Seems only yesterday i was struggling to remember to write "2011" on checks, and now almost 1/3 of the year is over. How does that happen??? Some folks say time passes more quickly as we age and i'm inclined to agree...though "fun" times seems to come slowly and are over quickly...and perhaps that has always been the way of things.
As i sit here in my little rattan chair, i think of and picture the faces of my friends and family, scattered in so many places all over the globe. I love doing makes me feel very close to each and all of them...and as i picture each precious face, i surround that person with love and light, with my deepest love and blessing, with the hope that this connection will be felt, will make a difference for them, as it surely does for me. And so the day begins...

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