Friday, April 29, 2011

Huzzah for the Brits!

Well, my fellow Americans, say what you will but the Royal Wedding could not have happened in the U.S.A.- not just because we don't have actual royalty (though some of our celebrities seem to think of themselves that way!) but because we seem to have forgotten the civility and good manners which mark the behavior of our sisters and brothers across the pond...seem to have left good manners behind in our haste to rush into the future and leave the past behind.

Notably, the new princess, Kate, chose a gown marked by beauty and elegance, simple and yet au courant in its style. Future brides, please take note! And the tenderness between the young couple was truly touchng, without being maudlin or over the top. Then there were the crowds...millions of people behaving pushing or shoving but standing respectfully even as they cheered and waved their Union Jacks...being permitted to get near to both Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace without incident. And even the weather cooperated, the sun coming out, in spite of forecasts calling for rain.

And though I did not get up early to watch the entire wedding as some of my more Anglophilic friends did, I'm sure, what I did view and review...and will continue to re-view, I'm sure, for several days...impressed me with its successful blend of tradition and modernity...with its expressions of good taste and good behavior.
And so a tip of the hat- did you see those hats?!?!- AMAZING!- to the British, to the new royal couple, to the day's celebration, even in the midst of the diastrous news from our American southeast. May the sun continue to shine upon William and Katherine. Huzzah, indeed!

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