Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holy Tuesday

A beautiful good morning, dear ones, far and near. Another day of our Holy Week journey...another day of our life's holy journey... another day of asking and wondering and seeking answers for the questions of life. Another day of trying to define "faith", since this is what keeps so many of us on the path.

Is "faith", perhaps, the effort to believe in light when we're covered by clouds and cannot see the sun? Of course, the sun is there...we know that with the head, the intellect..but the heart questions, doubts...and so the skepticism born of our emotional blindness renders us unable to see truth, experience reality...the reality that the clouds will come, time and again, and that rainy days can be the most blessed of times, bringing green and glorious life, punctuated by living color.

May the day ahead be filled with the awareness of light, of sunshine, even if gray clouds fill your vision. This, too, shall pass...as surely as day follows night...as surely as the seasons change...as surely as the lovely moon waxes and wanes. Live in that certainty this day, dear ones, and know, KNOW, that you are loved.

Change comes…inevitably
          discomfitting us
          prodding us to alter our position
                              to move
                              to go in a different direction.                               
And like the children we once were,
          we cry out, “Why?”
                            “It hurts!”
                            “What will happen now?”
          clinging with clenched hands
                   to the familiar
                       the safe
                       the what-once-was.
Why do we so easily forget that
only when we let go of the past,
the familiar, the safe, can new life happen?
                                 It’s called RESURRECTION.

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