Sunday, March 20, 2011


Well, dear ones far and near, the supermoon did not materialize on the horizon here due to cloud-cover. And though i watched and waited, i could finally only see Lady Moon about an hour later, through the trees in front of my house, and then again early this morning, through the back hall windows. No "supermoon"...just a lovely full moon like so many i've seen and enjoyed and appreciated over the years.

But that's the way of life, isn't it? So often we build up our expectations and when the event finally happens, the purchase finally made, it just doesn't measure up. So...what has gone wrong? Perhaps, in reality, nothing...except that we, in our desire for the "special", have failed to see and understand that we can view whatever happens with eyes of joy or eyes of judgment...the choice is always ours.

May your Sunday truly be a sabbath for you, filled with beauty and rest and good company. May you know that you are held in heart and prayer, and above all, may you know that you are loved. love, linda

from Life Lines by Linda Faltin
moon musings
Full moon...a glorious
reflection of the sun's light
on a lifeless piece of rock,
moving around our larger
piece of rock rotating on
its axis, following its course
around our life-giving star,
and all of it moving
through space to who-knows-where?
Who watches?
Who knows the course,
the trajectory, the destination?
Far too complex to be
mere chance, even the chance
of quarks & quirks...
and I bow my head & my heart &
my mind & my knee to the
Greater Immensity I call

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