Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sad Saturday

Oh, dear ones, how much the people of Japan need our thoughts and prayers this day! Life has been disrupted in ways the rest of us cannot even begin to imagine, the upheaval of the earth creating havoc for its human residents and yet, only an expression of what the earth does...
Nature simply being itself. Not evil...not malevolent...simply the actions and reactions of the natural world. But our tendency is to name it an "act of God" place blame or point the finger at the Divine rather than to admit, to acknowledge that humanity has turned its back on what the natural world has been trying to tell us: we are NOT the ones in control; we cannot live as if the natural world does not matter, as if the cycles of life do not exist. Yet we do. We build houses in places where common sense tells us we should not- and then rail at their destruction. We attempt to realign the beaches and shorelines even as the relentless oceans tell us time and again that they cannot be turned back but will, in the end, triumph.

No comfort, i know, to the hurting people of Japan...yet the danger at the nuclear plant is real and the possibility of after-shocks and more high tides persists, with people in places far away from Japan's shores being warned about repercussions from the tsunami. What a vivid image this is of how we are all interrelated, connected- ONE world, ONE humanity, despite our seeming differences. When will we ever learn?

Even as i wish a blessing for Japan's hurting people, i wish one for you, wherever you are. May your day hold some joy, some sense of fulfillment. And if sorrow should come, if sadness or frustration take hold, remember always that you are loved. love, linda

earthquake in Japan
The very bowels of the earth
And buildings shatter
        roads collapse
        oceans rise in waves
            relentless in their might
Fear prevails
People cry out
Families are scattered
Will life ever be the
               same again?

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  1. Linda, I'm glad that someone is willing to challenge the"American Religion" that God is the cause of everything. I wish that every Lutheran preacher would say the same thing tomorrow.

    And I pray that your day will be blessed and filled with joy. - Brady