Sunday, March 13, 2011

Serene Sunday

Well, dear ones, though i gladly greet you on this Sunday morning, i must confess that i really do not like Daylight Savings Time! Only now, at nearly 7:30, are the first traces of pink light appearing in the eastern sky, letting me know that sunrise will happen- later rather than sooner this morning. My body's biological clock is in rebellion against getting up at what is actually 4:30 sun time...and believe me, it felt like the middle of the night! And despite the lengthening days, mornings will be dark again for a while, just when i was really beginning to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful lightness of morning. So why, you might ask, did i get up at such an hour? Well, it's Sunday- and today i preach and preside, so time to reflect and meditate and pray is needed prior to plunging into the fearsome task of leading worship and preaching.

Today, this first day of Daylight "Savings" Time, i'm including a poem from Life Lines, written several years ago as i reflected on this whole peculiar concept of "saving time"...perhaps the reflection may ring true for you. And even as i continue to think of and pray for the people of Japan and Libya and southern Sudan and the Congo, i wish for you a day as lovely as the sunrise is turning out to be, filled with hope and peace and compassion. May you be blessed to be a blessing, and may you know, every moment, that you are loved.
love, linda
saving time
How do we "save time"?
Can we store up
          what we save and use it
when time is short?
We crowd our lives with
"time-saving" devices which
take our time in learning how to
use them...and take more time
to earn the money needed for
their order to do what exactly?
Where is the Time Bank
in which we can make
deposits of time saved...
                  minutes earned?
Can "Saved Time" be tacked on
at the end of this life,
    to give us extra days
                   or weeks
                   or months
                   or years of life?
Or is it simply an illusion,
this thing of saving time-
when what we really need is
to live fully- every moment
                       every hour
          aware that time is short
          and waits for no one
          and life- this life-
          is what we have
at this point
                    in time.

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  1. My brother used to tell me, "You can't make up for lost time." Or as George Bush once said, "I think we agree: the past is over."