Friday, April 25, 2014

This I Believe...

For some reason, last evening, I was thinking about creeds, about
how the words of the ancient, traditional creeds of the Church no
longer seem to speak my heart's truth, my life's experience. I
realize this is, in some circles, pure heresy, but I have long been a
heretic when it comes to orthodoxy, so my straying off the tried-
and-true and accepted path is nothing new. In fact, if truth be told,
I spend most of my time off the beaten spiritual path, either
wandering in the wilderness of my own doubts and questions or
dancing in the cleansing, enlightening rain of joy and wonder and
mystery with no need for any answers at all.

And so, when I awoke this morning with these things still tumbling
around in my mind, I decided to compose my own personal creed,
putting into words my heartfelt beliefs- at least for today. I share
them in the hope that they may speak truth to some of you, too,
fellow pilgrims.

+I believe in a God who perpetually creates all that is living, who
   is the energy that is the source of our being, who breathes into
   us the very breath of life. In God we live and move and have
   our being.

+I believe that Jesus of Nazareth, who became the Christ, embodied
   the living, compassionate nature of God, and incarnated the
   truth of God's accepting, welcoming, forgiving grace.

+I believe that the Living Spirit embodied in Jesus is alive in me,
   in the world, in all things living, and connects us to the Source
   and to one another- a living, breathing, interconnected web of
   loving energy and strength and hope of which we are all a part.

+I believe that the Truth resides in many forms, in many places, 
   and that the Creating, Creative God speaks in a myriad of spiritual
   tongues. I believe that every being is a child of God and of
   inestimable value, thus deserving of respect and loving care. I 
   believe that our call is to embody- insofar as we are enabled- 
   the loving inclusion and acceptance of God in our thoughts, words, 
   and deeds, and to bring the Reign of God to this place and time.
          This I believe...

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