Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Farewell to April...

Two poems today, one from early morning when I was
serenaded by a wren and a robin, perched together on
my deck railing, singing in chorus...the second written
this evening, as I recalled the scenery on my drive home,
the vivid green where only short weeks ago there had
been only words offered tonight as my way
of saying goodbye to April and bidding a welcome to

true community
A wren and a robin
Perched on my deck railing 
Voices lifted in chorus
Tiny wren
Full-breasted robin
Differences forgotten
As their two voices
Became one in
Offering greeting
To the new day

spring greenery...
All around me
the world is greening
the green of growth and aliveness
                  of springtime and new birth
every imaginable shade and hue
                             with a few
         beyond imagining, tinged with
         the mysterious, the mystical
The plentious proliferation of blooms
can distract even as they celebrate
the season
         but without the green-
         the beauteous, bountiful, life-giving green-
         there would be no canvas
                    for the blossoming masterpiece of spring

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