Saturday, February 1, 2014


On Monday, I'm taking the plunge...I'm getting rid of my home 
internet. No, I am not a total fact, I'm online far more 
than I care to admit. The reason is far more simple: I'm doing it 
to save money. Several months ago, I changed providers, reducing 
my bill by almost half. But since then, I've been trying to be 
brutally honest with myself about my finances...or more specifically, 
on what I spend my money and why. You see, I've decided this 
is a matter of values...of quite literally putting my money where 
my mouth is...or in other words, on what it is I SAY is important 
to me. And I've been discovering that home internet isn't one of 
those things.

Oh, I know...there may be days when I won't want to go to the 
library or Starbucks or DeBeen coffee shop (a great local place) 
to use their Wifi connections, but since I receive email on my 
phone, I won't be out of touch. And there is the added benefit, 
important to us seniors, (or so I've read) is that I'll be putting 
myself in regular social setting where there will be people of all 
ages, my favorite kind of setting. And I actually won't need to 
surf the net daily...or check Facebook...or post on my blog...
which should also give me the totally unintentional bonus of 
that most precious commodity- time.

It's sure to be a most interesting experiment and I'll write about 
it from time to time. Yet another change...yet another 

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