Thursday, February 6, 2014

Just Another Ordinary Day...

With a brisk wind from the northeast, the temperature on my car
thermometer reading 36, bundled in a warm jacket and wearing
my lovely red gloves, I am amazed to see the daffodils in my
front garden are budding. How in the world, why in the world,
are they doing this when winter is still with us, when the still-
naked trees surround them with reminders that spring is not
yet on the horizon? Yet, what a hopeful sign they are, these
tender, early buds...a reminder that life and light emerges,
ever and always, from the death and darkness of winter. And
as I drove to the coffee shop, I found myself smiling with eager
anticipation of the gorgeous yellow blooms to come, bringing yet
more light and beauty and wonder and joy where for months
there has been only winter's gray barrenness.

February daffies
Yes, I'm back at De Been, using the internet, since there are a
number of things I need to the Opium Wars and
new recipes to try out on my friends and the status of my books
at the library and...well, you get the idea. After a rather restless
night- no, not worrying about anything, just one of those nights
when sleep is not rest-full- some meditation time and a lovely
breakfast of a poached egg and fresh spinach on millet and flax
toast, and full attendance to my morning ablutions...after washing
the dishes and putting the living room in order...after lowering
the thermostat to 65 degrees...I was ready to come over here to
spend an hour (or so) on computer tasks. So I figured I might as
well write a blog post to give you a glimpse into what my life is like
right now, as I download the latest book by Jussi Adler Olsen to
my Kindle. If you haven't discovered this Scandinavian writer as
yet, and if you're a fan of mysteries/detective novels, then I urge
you to check him out. This latest is The Purity of Vengeance. Isn't
that a great title? Makes me want to begin it immediately, but I
am in the early pages of the most current Jo Nesbo work, Police.
Nesbo is Norwegian and his main character, Harry Hole, is a
wonderfully fleshed-out non-hero.

Oh, my, the background music playing on the Pandora is now
"Georgia on My Mind" by Ray Charles. I love this place! I'll be
heading out shortly to do some errands: pick up the February
schedule at the YMCA; look for a birthday gift for my beautiful
daughter-in-law at my favorite gift shop, Just Be; pick up my
latest "holds" at the library; and, this afternoon, attend a
writing workshop at The Servant Leadership School in Greensboro.
And the music has switched to "Stormy Weather". Whoever
programmed this Pandora today has my undying gratitude.

Oh, I know...some of you may be wondering why I'm bothering
with this post. After all, it's about nothing in particular. But ask
yourself- isn't that just the way of human life? And if we can't
appreciate and cherish life JUST AS IT IS, in all its seeming
banality and ordinariness, then aren't we somehow missing the
point? It is a gift...every moment, every banal, ordinary moment...
a gift which will never come back this way again...a gift to hold
and yes, revere, for its very wonderful and precious meaning.
This is life...and I am thankful beyond words for this moment...
this place...these people...for this life.

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