Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Appreciating Wirelessness...

Day 2 of wirelessness finds me sitting at the DeBeen Coffee Shop,
a great, funky, neighborhood place, checking Facebook, sending
emails, putting items on reserve at the library...all of this amidst
lots of local high school and college kids. I just enjoyed a decaf
Red Eye and watched a wonderful YouTube video, laughing all
the while. And shortly, I'll head home to make supper and watch
the 6:30 news.

Can't forget...joined the "Mall Walkers" today, since our rainy,
damp, chilly weather has just not been conducive to outdoor
walking. I know, I know...that's just for old people...but I am
chronologically one of those, and I found it to be quite lovely,
in spite of the fact that our mall is mostly composed of empty
stores, since it has been purchased by High Point University.
The emptiness was highly conducive to meditation as I walked,
in the distant company of about 8 other people. Have to check
with the YMCA to see if they have an indoor walking track for
just such days as today.

I must confess to feeling just a little bit virtuous about this
whole internet thing, so I hope my friends will keep me both
honest and humble. I have to remember that it's early days;
who knows how I'll be feeling in another week or two? But
in the meantime, I'll be spending some time several afternoons
a week here at DeBeen, appreciating the ambiance, enjoying
the company, feeling part of the community of which I am
very definitely a part. Life just can't get much better than that.

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