Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thoughts on Resurrection and Such...

A New Year, a new day, a new birth, a new beginning...even though
it is the ninth day of this new year, it is, in reality, a new beginning,
a reminder of the on-going, mysterious cycle which is life. For, in
reality, each day is the beginning of a new year...a beginning afresh...
a reminder of the ways in which life upon this planet is ever being
renewed, resurrected...the fallow, dark stillness of winter giving way
to the riotous life of springtime- year upon year, without our
intervention or assistance. Life born resurrected from the
seeming death of hibernation and germination. Is it any wonder,
then, that Christianity has made resurrection its frontispiece? For
resurrection speaks the truth, manifests the truth, lives the truth
that death and dying are not the last word but are simply phases
of what we call Life.

Unfortunately, the "Christian" point of view has too often placed
the focus on a life BEYOND this one...on resurrection which
happens only when one leaves this earthly life behind.

But what about the here-and-now? What about the reality that in
THIS life, resurrection/new life/re-birth is being made manifest
every day? With each waking, life begins anew- and isn't that the
definition of resurrection? If I believe that I am a creation of a
Loving Divine Force which also dwells within me- and I do- and
that I am a unique combination of DNA and quarks and leptons
and stardust- which I am- how can I not cherish and celebrate
each day, each moment of this existence- here-and-now, in this
place on this planet, on this plane of existence?

I do not know what will come when I breathe my last earthly breath...
NO ONE KNOWS. I repeat, NO ONE KNOWS. But I have seen and
experienced enough winters and springs, had sufficient morning
awakenings, to know resurrection when I see it and to know I am
fully and wholly part of it, however it happens.
           And that, that is ENOUGH...

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