Friday, January 24, 2014

Behold the Birds...

On Monday, a balmy January day, with lots of sunshine and
temperatures in the low 60s, I took advantage of what was
promising to be our last comfortable day for some time to
do a bit of yardwork. One important task was to refill all the
bird feeders, in anticipation of the cold which was to come
(and which is now firmly here). I confess that I had been
terribly remiss in caring for my fine feathered friends this
winter and so their visitations had been few and far between.
Imagine my delight today to see all 6 feeders crowded with
birds of many sorts...beautiful and unique and a delight to
My favorites, I must admit, are the cardinals, and there were
two pairs here today, the faithful males keeping watch as
their mates helped themselves to the nuts and grains in the
block feeders, which seem to be their favorites. And I  had to
laugh at a large bully of a bluejay who, for a time, managed to
chase away some of the smaller birds until they had enough
of his strong-arm tactics (can you strong-arm if you have no
arms? Hm-m-m.) and united in retaliation, at which time he
beat a hasty retreat.
But the visitors who really delighted me were the wood-
peckers...two varieties today, the downy and the one
whose name I always forget...not redheaded- though he
certainly has a red cap...not pilated, as his cap is not
peaked but rounded. But he was large and beautiful and
I reveled in the watching...content to set my life aside for a
little while to gaze at these wonderfully amazing creatures.
My last post, yesterday, was filled with grief and anger and
pathos, with questions and doubts, but today, I have been
reminded that there is indeed a world beyond my own concerns...
a world of beauty and wonder and hope...a world filled with
signs of the Divine. And for that, I breathe a sigh of thanks
and praise. I will not stop caring or wondering or even
agonizing over this world of humanity of which I am a part,
but praise God from whom all blessings flow...with a special
thanks for the birds and the blessing they have bestowed on
this wayfaring, wandering, questing traveler.


Today's visitors

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