Thursday, November 28, 2013

Yesterday...and Today


Remembering...I have been remembering all day long...
recalling the people and happenings which have populated my
life over these many years. And, though recently my Muse of
Poetry has been tantalizing hiding, I pulled my book, Life Lines,
from the shelf to search for words written in 2007 all about
the reality of the past being always with us.

the past
The past swirls around me...
I walk through the mists
seeing only dimly...yet occasionally
there is a clearing
and I glimpse the view
with startling clarity-
just a brief moment-
before the fog again
enshrouds me and I
find myself wondering
if it were real or imagined.
Memory is like that-
an occasional lifting of
the mind's misty curtain...
a moment of revelation-
and then darkness. And yet,
this sustains me somehow...
encourages me...lets me
know that I am real and
my life has meaning.

While paging through this book of mine, I also encountered a
poem I wrote for Thanksgiving in 2007 and published in 2008-
and I share it with you today, since the words are as true now
for me as they were then. And though Thanksgiving has changed
so very much over the years of my life, the realization...the
awareness...the conviction that living in gratitude is the only
way I can live fully has not changed. Wishing you and yours
a wonderful Thanksgiving...with many good memories.

giving thanks
Today I offer
Heartfelt prayers of thanks
Aware of all the blessings in my life:
Nourishing & nurturing family
Kind & supportive friends
Shelter- for my body, heart & soul
Gifts which ease my daily load-
         washer, dryer, telephone,
         a car to drive,  computer
         linking me to the wide world
Intuition, feelings, thought, the
         ability to reason & decide-
         gifts of intellect I all too often
         take for granted
Vision, hearing, taste & touch-
         amazing senses making me firmly
         aware of the wonders of this life
Incarnation- the presence of God around
         and in and through me and all I meet
Nature & the glorious world of
         which I am a part
Ground of Being, Source of Life,
         in which I live & move &
         from which I draw my strength
    And so on this Thanksgiving Day,
    I offer thanks with my
    whole being...
            gratitude for all I have & am,
            today- and every day.

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