Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Words of Wisdom, Confusion, and Doubt...and TRUTH

Sometimes I go about pitying myself
And all the while I am being carried across
      the sky
By beautiful clouds.   -OJIBWAY SAYING

Life makes no sense, has no logic...
God is confusing, mysterious,
     totally beyond understanding...
Yet here I am, in the midst of it all,
Caught up in, shaped by, the
     paradoxical nature of existence,
     of being human,
                  spinning dizzily with
                  the very cosmos
                  and loving every moment
                  of the wild ride!

The foolish seek happiness in the distance;
the wise grow it under their feet.  -JAMES OPPENHEIM

It could be argued that Christianity is one tremendous koan that
makes the mind boggle and gasp in astonishment; and faith is the
breakthrough into that deep realm of the soul which accepts
paradox...with humility. -WILLIAM JOHNSTON in Christian Zen

Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art
of leaving things undone. The Wisdom of life consists in the elimination
of nonessentials. -LIN YUTANG 

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