Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Let Your Light Shine...

Have you seen the full moon?
The Beaver Moon, it's called...the Full Frosty Moon...
Its brilliance luminates my
upstairs hall, a trail of light
so bright it seems I might
travel it to the moon itself-
     and beyond...
A reminder on this chilly November morning
of the power...the wonder...the glory
of reflected light
For the moon has no light of its own,
is simply a piece of rock floating
in space, offering only a reflection
of the incredible candescence of
the shining, warming star
     we call Sun...
Yet the light I see in these
early-morning hours is no less lovely,
no less wondrous for being reflected...
     which gives me pause to wonder-
     can I- in all my human earthiness,
     with all my human faults and failings,
     offer a reflection of the greater
     Light of Lights,
     illuminating the way for others with
     that reflected love...letting it shine
     in, through, from me until
     it is clearly The Light
     they see?

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