Sunday, October 6, 2013

Come to the Table...

Today is Worldwide Communion Sunday, a day to celebrate, to
commemorate, our oneness, our shared humanity. And so, this
morning, I wrote:

Holy Day, day of of of hearing and speaking in
song and of sharing a meal
in celebration...

But every day is holy...full of grace...
     every day can be a day of
     reaching out and gathering in-
     the loved, the lost, the known,
     the stranger...
     every day a day of listening deeply
     to the cries of the world, the planet,
     the people of every place- voices raised
     in entreaty or sorrow, in languages
     not our own...

     every day a day of sharing from
     my abundance with those who have
     little, and shouting, in humble celebration,
           "Come- the meal is spread. Eat,
             and be satisfied."

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