Saturday, August 17, 2013

Family...Heart of My Heart

August has been family time for
me...a weekend in Wilmington with
my daughter and grand-daughter,
catching up (we hadn't been
together since Christmas), sharing
meals, canoeing, walking on the
beach, and laughing- a lot. As you
can see, there is a special zaniness  
pervading our time together, a
great blessing for this woman who
can take herself altogether too
seriously. And the good sense
and wisdom of my daughter is a
real gift to me.

Youngest son, Paul, and I had some good one-on-one time this
month, too, sharing some meals and going to a movie (at the
same theater but not watching the same flick- our tastes are
very different, but we did go there together)...Don't have any
recent photos of him...will have to remedy that soon. He
continues to make me very proud with his determined
participation in his own recovery, and his job at a local
community center is making him feel useful, something we
all want and need, don't we?

This past Friday, I headed to Charlotte to see the latest
collaboration of my son and daughter-in-law with their
PlayPlay Theater. Titled "Pocket", this theater for little people,
aged 18.months to 4 years is creative fun, and I thoroughly
enjoyed the time I spent watching- both the actors and the
audience. My son has been acting on-stage since he was in 8th
grade, so I have had the amazing experience of watching him
many times- and this proud mother never fails to choke up a bit
and shed a tear or two whenever I watch him, marveling at
his talent.

One of the wonders of motherhood is seeing the people
your children become in adulthood and marveling at the
privilege you have had to be part- albeit realistically a small
one- in who they have become. As a parent, I have made a
myriad of mistakes- I guess we all do. No such thing as
perfection in parenthood...just so much trial-and-error. But
if I never achieve another thing in my life, if I never make
an impact or contribution in any other way, I will always
be thankful for and humbled by these three amazing people
who are my children.               

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