Monday, July 15, 2013

Into the Unknown...

The ancient navigators sailed straight into the mouth of the unknown,
wagering all. -DIANE ACKERMAN in Deep Play

Have I ever done that...sailed into
the mouth of the unknown...
risking everything?

Going to seminary felt that way
at times...the long drive to an
unfamiliar place...returning to a
place of learning but this time
tackling subjects which were Greek to me...
gambling that my husband and son
would manage somehow...that
I could somehow balance all of
the disparate elements of my life...
cover all the bases myself- be pitcher,
catcher, and clean-up hitter in a
four-year game without rules or
clear boundaries- and few guides
to show the way.

Going to Africa felt that way
at times...the lengthy travel to an
unfamiliar place...a sense of return
to a place of heart connection, yet
surrounded by different languages,
different cultures...gambling that
all would be well at home...that
I could somehow balance the many
sights, sounds, smells, demands
which this new old world placed
on me...trusting in the "guides"
I met to show me the way.

So- what unknowns remain
ahead of me? What new and
demanding and dreadfully
wonderful voyages remain?
And will I dare to risk
                         yet again?

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