Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Glorious. There's no other word for the weather of the past two 
days here in my little corner of the world. Sunshine, blue skies, 
low humidity, comfortable temperatures...and this morning, a 
memorably beautiful sunrise, the sky alight with pinks and blues, 
with light and shadow of the sort to drive any artist to her canvas, 
knowing that capturing this spectacle with brushstrokes would 
likely be impossible.

As I sit here on my screened porch, I am surrounded by the 
music of birdsong, by the persistent scritch of cicadas, by the 
whisper of an occasional breeze though the trees, and I am 
virtually overcome with a sense of well-being, of joy, of gratitude 
for this very ordinary day of my life. With book in hand, here I 
sit, sometimes reading, sometimes simply being...listening...
absorbing the peace and loveliness of this July afternoon.

Life, after all, is actually made up of moments...strung together 
like a strand of pearls...precious, each one, but infinitely more 
beautiful when strung together, one after another...cherished 
memories to be touched and fingered and worn with pride and 
often-inexpressible joy. 

I wish for each and all of you a lovely, moment-filled day. 
Love, Linda

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