Thursday, August 11, 2016

Speaking Out...Finding My Voice...

   I have tried to refrain from making political posts throughout this
election season, not wanting to add to the already-contentious and
vitriolic miasma swirling through our nation. I had admittedly
re-posted published columns which reflect my views, but I have
mostly kept my thoughts and comments to myself.

    But the latest accusations spewing forth from the mouth of
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, have gone beyond
the pale, and I can remain silent no longer. Trump has accused
President Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Clinton of 
co-founding ISIS. Shall I repeat? Donald Trump, at a rally in Fort
Lauderdale, Florida, has accused President Barack Obama and
former Senator, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton of being the
co-founders of ISIS. And though the story has been reported here
and there, I have seen or heard no one in the media taking Mr.
Trump to task for these incendiary and slanderous statements.
Apparently, it was not enough for him to encourage his NRA
supporters into action against Ms. Clinton if she is elected, words
and insinuations for which virtually any other U.S. citizen would find
him- or herself being questioned by the Secret Service- or worse.

    Why is Mr. Trump being given so many free passes by the
media? (two notable exceptions being retired newsman Dan Rather
and N.Y.Times columnist NIcholas Kristof.) Why are intelligent
people refusing to fact-check statement after bizarre statement
emerging from this candidate, candidate for the highest office in the
United States and arguably the most powerful and influential office
in the free world? I find the seeming disregard of Mr. Trump for truth
and accuracy both reprehensible and deeply disturbing.

    Please, fellow citizens, PLEASE make it your business to be
adequately and accurately informed. Make use of these six web-
sites to vet the words coming out of the mouth of candidates,
whomever they are:
If you have not yet registered to vote, DO IT NOW. And then, in
November- or even better, in early voting, please VOTE. Remember,
only 57.5% of eligible citizens voted in the presidential election in
2012. This means that the President of the United States was elected
by 28.75% of eligible voters, or just a bit over 1/4 of the possible
voting citizenry of this nation...hardly a majority...which doesn't sit
well with me at all...perhaps not with you, either.

    As citizens of these United States of America, it is not only our
privilege but our responsibility, our duty, to be part of the process,
to make our voices heard, to BE "we the people". After all, fellow
Americans, we will only get the government we deserve, the govern-
ment we are willing to work for and speak up for and vote for. Let
us be sure that the candidate for whom we vote deserves our vote,
deserves our faith and confidence, regardless of the office for which
she or he is running.

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