Friday, August 26, 2016


Do I still have questions about God?
Even now? At seventy-four?
Of course I do...
about the why and who and how...
the why-nots and the no-ways...
The wondering and the wandering
never end...
even as my earthly end looms large, well
within my sight-
And then I see the verdant green of trees
   towering high above me
hear the familiar call of the scarlet cardinal,
    the small brown wren, and the chatter of
    the ever-present squirrels
watch the children riding bikes down my
    quiet street
see my neighbor lovingly tending her lovely
hear a beloved voice on the phone
learn of earthquakes and wildfires and
    raging floods and the many helping
    hands offering aid
And I know- in spite of still-unanswered
    questions- that I have seeing-
    each day- the face of God.
 No further explanations necessary.

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