Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sun Sermon...

After a week filled with sharing the pain of others about whom I care
deeply...after some times of soul-searching and sadness and the
Sense of walking in the dark, trying to feel my way, at times unable
to see the light at all, this afternoon's sunshine was a precious and
beautiful gift. I sat on my back deck, soaking it in...absorbing both
the healing and beneficial Vitamin D and the warm and healing of the
sun's rays themselves, reminding me of the ever-presence of the
healing presence of the One Who Loves. I could almost feel the
warmth soaking into my body and spirit...could almost feel the
healing of the spirit which was happening for and to me.

And that's the way it is, isn't it... so very often in life. We go along
convinced that it- whatever the "it" is- all depends on us...that we
must have the solution and the strength, the courage and the
Conviction, the wherewithal and stick-to-itiveness...when, in reality,
the healing and strength, faith and conviction come from a Source
far beyond us...a Power whose depth and breadth we cannot even
begin to comprehend. I call this Power, this Source "God"...others call
it by different names...but it is that Source we can tap into...should
tap into daily because- despite what we so often tell ourselves- the
solution to our problems and difficulties and illnesses does not lie
solely within us. It lies in a strength above and beyond... in, with, and
under, we Lutherans like to say...a power and connection which holds
us and comforts us and never, ever lets us go.

We churchy types call this "grace"...a gift freely given and there
only for us to acknowledge and accept. We don't have to DO anything
to get it or deserve it... indeed there is nothing we CAN do. This
Entity...Power...Source I call God pours it out upon us...upon each
and every one of God's children- which means all of us, you know.
And all we have to do is open our hands and hearts and lives and
receive the gift. How cool is that? Only we want to do it ourselves
(how often we sound like three-year-olds, don't we?) We act like
it all depends on us, like we're the ones in charge. And that's when
the lights go out and we find ourselves stumbling around in the dark,
stubbing our toes and uttering words which would curl our mother's

How much we need reminders. How much I needed that beautiful,
warm, and healing sun today to be just that "tap on the shoulder"
for me, telling me that the ones I love, the ones who are
struggling, the ones facing difficult choices and decisions in the
weeks and months ahead, are firmly in the hands of One who loves
them far, far more than I do. And that my only to
stay open and aware of the ways in which I can bring the love of
this loving God in my frail human flesh...and then, to DO IT. The
Sermon of the day preached to me by beautiful, healing, holy
Brother Sun.

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