Tuesday, October 14, 2014

On Our Way Rejoicing...

October 10, 2014...a date which will forever be written in my mind
and heart...a date on which a thought-filled and justice-minded
judge struck down North Carolina's infamous Amendment One,
which had prohibited same-sex marriages. What a time of rejoicing
for my gay and lesbian friends, for all those who have worked so
hard for justice and equality for all people under the law.

I have long pondered about the so-called "Defense of Marriage
Act", better known as DOMA...about why so many of my hetero-
sexual sisters and brothers feel that acknowledging the right of
same-sex couples to marry would in any way threaten their own.
But, then again, I guess I've lived long enough to realize that we
human beings are easily threatened and disturbed by anything
or anyone we see as DIFFERENT from us... anything which is
outside of our carefully-established and comfortable frame of
reference, which knocks our worldview out-of-kilter.

Unfortunately, when we cling so tightly to "what has always been"
in the name of morality or religion or politics, we all-too-often step
on, restrict, disrespect the rights of others who hold a different
point of view, who see life through a lens which, for us, holds only
cloudiness.. And we so want to be RIGHT...stamping our feet and
shaking our fists and shouting out about the right-ness of our
position, our thoughts, our beliefs, failing to realize that we are
looking and acting like that temper-tantrum-throwing toddler in aisle
three at Harris Teeter.

For those of us with homosexual friends, family members, church
members, Oct. 10, 2014 will be a day to remember just how long
it has taken to reach this place...this place of equality...this place
of being on truly holy ground for ALL people here in North
Carolina. And all I can say is- from the bottom of my joy-filled
heart- it's about time... and thanks be to God!

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