Saturday, August 23, 2014

Out of the Ordinary...

Life has been very ordinary lately...nothing exciting, nothing to pull
me out of my everyday patterns...nothing to astound or astonish...
just the same-old, same-old.
And yet...when leaving for the medical center early the other morning
to be with a parishioner prior to her surgery, I saw the palest white
sliver of the new moon shining in the eastern sky.
And yet...I received photos from my dear friends in Rwanda, taken at
their graduation from their Master's program at the University in
Kigali, along with loving words of thanks for the small (my word,
not theirs) part I had played in this wonderful accomplishment.
And yet...I talked with two hard-working painters at our church,
both doing a lovely job of painting the sanctuary, obviously proud
of their work and taking special care with it, admiring our centuries-
old building.
And yet...I received two puzzles in the mail from my sister- jigsaw
puzzles to "feed" my newly-reacquired appetite for them.
And yet- I spent a full morning cooking, the kitchen and pots and
pans my artist's palette.
And yet...I received a big, warm, healing hug from my youngest
son when he stopped by last evening, to find me nursing a dreadful
headache which had lingered for most of the day.
And yet- I slept for twelve hours last night, due to the headache,
Only to awaken this morning feeling not only rested but fully alert
and incredibly grateful that the pain which had brought on such
nausea and discomfort was completely and totally gone.

How easy it is to take for granted all of the many beautiful elements
which make up everyday life. How easy it is to see life- ordinary life-
through lens clouded by the inability or unwillingness to see the
giftedness which surrounds us every minute of every day. How easy
it is to forget to breathe a frequent and heart-felt "thank you" to the
One Who Loves, who creates and enlivens and fills us with strength
and courage and energy for these lives we are leading. Ordinary life?
I think not. For every moment of living is an extraordinary gift and
opportunity. And only I can choose to use it wisely and well or to
let it slip through my fingers, forgetting that once it is past, it never
comes again. And so, this day- this beautiful, sunshiny, glorious
August day, I offer thanks for my very ordinary, extraordinary life.

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