Monday, August 4, 2014

In A Sacred Kitchen...

I spent the morning on one of my favorite activities: cooking. Are 
those groans I hear from some of you? Sorry, but I find cooking to 
be a holy activity, especially when I am cooking to share. And for 
the past several weeks, I have been cooking to share with my son. 
Though he likes to cook- and is very good at it- his present job 
with a commercial roofer means he is working very long hours, 
leaving little time for food preparation. And so he asked that, if 
he gave me money for shopping, would I be willing to cook things 
he could easily reheat for lunch or dinner. And I said yes, happily.

The results have been gratifying, as I am cooking enough for both 
of us, as well as trying new recipes. Today, there was Cuban pork 
roast (still in the crock pot), Italian turkey steaks, chicken 
enchilada casserole, and hash brown and sausage bake, the last 
three nicely cooling on my kitchen table in anticipation of Paul 
coming to pick them up after work. I have, over the past weeks,
made chili, ratatouille, a carmelized onion tart, crock pot chicken
and mushrooms, and baked spagetti. 

Cooking has long been a joy, but several years ago, I came upon 
an article which talked about having a sacred kitchen. I was struck 
by the beauty of both the thoughts and the words, so I pass them 
along to you today. I wish I could give proper attribution, but I have 
no recollection of their source and so can only send them along with 
blessings to you, in the hope that they will imbue your own cooking 
with a sense of divine presence and power.

Ask God to fill the food you are preparing with a holy energy to heal everyone 
you are feeding. Cook only after you have released tension and negative 
feelings. Cooking is not just another "chore" but is food alchemy, a sacred 
creative act. Remember- as you cook, you are creating a miracle.

To infuse food with love and healing energy:
  • Ritually wash and bless your hands.
  • Calm your mind with three deep breaths.
  • Utter a simple personal prayer to sign yourself with the Holy.
  • Ask for peace of mind and heart.
  • Say aloud, "Lord, I affirm my holiness as I prepare this meal."
  • Play soothing music as you cook.
  • Visualize healing energy flowing through your hands.
  • Maintain a prayerful attitude throughout the cooking process.
Nothing magical...only an incarnated holiness brought into full
awareness by your participation in something beautiful and creative, 
nurturing and nourishing for those you love. Can there possibly be 
a better gift- for all of you? Peace and joy this day, and may all your
cooking be filled with an awareness of the presence of the Divine. 

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