Friday, June 13, 2014


Lost...lost in the incredible complexity
    of life's endless maze
    of life's whirling, swirling dream.
Rooted- yet often up-rooted,
    my in-most depths laid bare
    for all to see...
when I would rather hide away
                              disappear into the thicket's camouflage
                              blend into the waiting, breathing world,
                              just one among the many hurting souls.
But no-
    I wear my heart upon my sleeve
              my wounds upon my brow
              my eyes dimmed with tears
              my body bent though still unbroken
    I struggle to make sense
                                of what seems senseless
                   to find answers to questions
                                both unexplainable and mysterious
                   to find joy even in the midst
                                of the inevitable heartache
                                of simply living
                                              day after day.

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