Monday, June 2, 2014

Almost Summer...

open wide...
Wide open
the windows of my house are
          W     I     D     E        O     P     E     N
to allow the late-spring wind
to sweep through
dislodging hidden spider webs
and dust balls lurking in corners
     and under beds
billowing white curtains
     like the sails of a ship bound
     for place mysterious & strange
everything feeling fresh & clean...
     fully renewed...
          fully alive

Wide open
my arms and heart are
        W     I     D     E       O     P     E     N
to allow the winds of the Spirit
to sweep through
dislodging old hidden agendas
and musty ideas lurking in the corners
     of my mind
hope billowing
      like the sails of a ship drawing me
      to ideas both mysterious & strange
everything inside feeling fresh & clean...
     fully renewed.....
          fully, FULLY alive!

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