Saturday, January 14, 2012

Woman At the Well...Reflections at the Well of Mercy

Away from home-
Safe, familiar, comfortable home-
I am nonetheless safe
In this familiar, comfortable place
Where I have come, with heavy heart
And overburdened spirit,
To be refreshed, renewed, re-birthed.

Tears have flowed freely, frequently,
Washing me clean of the anger I so often
Fail to acknowledge, even to myself...
Wiping away the many vestiges of doubt
And second-guessing which have been marking my days.

Prayers have flowed- or perhaps
It has been one continuous prayer,
As music has surrounded and filled me,
As silence has nourished and sated my spirit,
And lots of sleep has healed my body and mind.

Tomorrow, I return home-
Back to life, back to work, back to
The innumerable people who now inhabit my days,
And I find I am filled with a precious peace,
A sense of all-is-well-ness.

The near-empty heart I brought with me
Is now filled to overflowing as once again,
O Mysterious and Marvelous God,
You have sought and found me, and loved me full.
Gratitude abounds. I am at peace. Let it be so. Amen

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