Sunday, September 18, 2011

Early Awakening...

Awoke at 5a.m. with words and lines running through my head...words about my mother, who, these some 19 months after her death, I am missing a great deal. Perhaps it was the recent death of the mother of my dear friend, Pat...perhaps it was the recent change in weather which feels so much like autumn, always a season of melancholy and remembrance for me. Whatever the reason, Mother has been well and fully present in recent days. And so, wide awake, I took pen in hand and put my thoughts on paper.

her final days...
My mother remained
a woman of refinement
until the end,
the ultimate hostess inviting
people only she could see
to have a seat and
stay awhile,
sending me, her daughter,
to bring more chairs
into her chamber where
she reigned from the
adjustable hospital bed
like a benevolent queen
upon her final throne,
smiling and waving
her hand in welcome,
as my daughter and I
could only stare in wonder
at those guests our eyes were
too earthbound to see.

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