Friday, June 3, 2011

June's First Friday

Well, for you North Carolina Lutherans who were looking for me at Synod Assembly yesterday- I FORGOT!!!! It was about 2p.m. when I suddenly thought, "OMG! is Assembly this week?" and realized that indeed it was, it IS, and I wasn't! So...sorry I missed you. The opening worship is always favorite thing in the one-day trip which has become de riguer for me since my retirement. I'll probably go online today to check out the Synod site to see if anything exciting is happening. For the rest of you non-Lutherans or non-North Carolinians, ignore the will have absolutely no meaning for you, unless you, too, have had such memory lapses, in which case you will- I hope- empathize with this faux pas extrordinaire.
We're actually cooling off a bit here in Carolina- high is to be 85 today (I'll believe it when I see it)...though this morning is quite pleasant. Ate breakfast on the screened porch- a lovely bowl of rice cereal, replete with sliced banana, strawberries, and blueberries, and topped with almond milk. Yum! It was both beautiful and satisfying...a great way to start my day. Now I'm headed back to the, not punishment- though perhaps it's a bit of both. May your day be fully satisfying, wherever you are. May you find joy and satisfaction in the tasks before you, in the people you encounter. On this first Friday in June, may your food taste especially succulent, and may you be blessed with the wisdom to truly appreciate ALL that befalls you today. Hugs and love...linda

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