Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bigger than Life (a salute to Dr. Seuss)

"... the Grinch's small heart
grew three sizes that day." 
So sings Dr. Seuss, 
celebrating the truth 
of a life lived fully 
with arms open wide, 
of having a feeling 
deep down inside 
that something is coming. 
Something lovely and grand. 
Something just waiting to take hold 
   of my hand. 
Something to whisper into
   my listening ear, 
"This is It! So say yes. 
Say yes without fear. "
It's coming. I know it. 
I just don't know what, 
but I'll know when it gets here, 
right down in my gut
And I'll shout and I'll dance 
and I'll give all I've got, 
Because this is called LIVING,  
   Believe it or not. 

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